Cartoon KAT-TUN 06.08.08 Epi 70

6 08 2008

Jin. Is. Evil.


Poor Nakamaru.. Is he one of the most bullied members of the group? Even though he’s the oldest? Haha~~

Junno is really being very Junno, lol~ What was he trying to do with the measuring tape?! *rofl* XD My sister and I was like, “Huh?”

Jin. Is. Really. Evil.


That soda-making machine looks very interesting!! LOL~

I miss Kame’s interviews with the folks about “love”~ T_T

This episode feels like it’s too short~ And where’re Koki and Ueda?

I know that for Ueda’s part, he’s with a secondary school girl who’s gonna confess during the fireworks summer festival or something, wearing a yukata~ When would it air~? Looking forward to it~!

Jaa~ Koki wa..?

The preview of the next episode is about Nakamaru attempting the bungee again?! Uso deshou~? I hope he will jump though XD Get over your fear of height, you can do it~!! Ganbatte! *rofl* XD

EDIT 07.08.08




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