Maou 5

1 08 2008

At about 9:20pm, my youngest sister said that today is Maou 5.. I was like, “YA HOR!!” Haha.. I totally forgot.. >.<

And luckily, Maou airs at 9:30pm today!! Woohoo!! XD

But I haven’t had the chance to completely understand episode 4 yet!! Straightaway jump into 5th episode already.. -_-”


Woah, really, the case from 11 years ago was not what it seemed like in the previous episodes!! Only Naoto and Hideo know exactly what happened.. But why did Hideo do that?! Why?!

And Naruse’s real identity was also solved! He began his revenge plan from 10 years ago! That’s what I think.. He took over Naruse Ryo’s identity and announced himself, Manaka Tomoo, dead!

These two points above, both have illogical places..

Hideo’s action would not cause a straight stab, wouldn’t the wound description be like “sliced” or something?! o.O

Even if he said, “Tomoo is dead”, wouldn’t the DNA be different?? They just accept it?! And the new Ryo just suddenly was accepted by everyone?! -_-” Illogical!!

Was it an accident or was it an accident caused by Tomoo??

Didn’t Naruse Ryo have any relatives besides his older sister? His sister is a blind, so her hearing must be superb, I think she knows that this Ryo is not her Ryo..

Anyway, I didn’t think of the possibility of “anagram”.. I did think of reading Amano Makoto backwards though, haha..

And how did the ojisan know?! How come he knew where to investigate?? What triggered him to go look in the construction site?

While standing on the lawyer’s side, I was thinking, “How you gonna kill her if you like her?? She’s an important ally of the police!! She will bring about the fall in your plan!” LOL~ Contradicting stuff like that happened to me when read/watching Death Note, haha~~

So Shiori told Naoto that she was the one who first found Hideo dead. But didn’t she recognise that this man in front of her is the one she saw in her vision?? People won’t change so much from 15 years old to 20+years old!! -_-” So illogical right…….

And the cards!! How come in the next episode, the lawyer gets one too?! Is that to say that all cards from then to now were all sent from a not-Tomoo person?! Yamano?? Or was it different every time?? x.X

Did Serizawa senior hire an assassin to assassinate the ojisan?! The presence of the ojisan presents a threat to everyone, haha..

It’s getting more and more exciting as things unfold, ne!! XD

Can’t wait for the 6th episode!! ♥



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