The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

31 07 2008

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor         

Just watched it!! It’s so good!! My 2nd movie after watching The Dark Knight yesterday! XD Crazy much? Haha~~

Not a moment of boredom in this movie! Action-packed and full of funny lines for you to laugh at!!

But don’t expect great fight scenes because the fights were cut up way too much, lotsa cuts, fanciful shots.. Too much guns.. And the fights are short.. Might as well don’t see. -_-”

The best part should be the first chase sequence, very very funny and exciting!!

It feels like the movie is too short to contain everything that’s beautiful.. Sad.. T_T

I want Rachel Weisz.. T_T Well, Maria Bello is okay, but.. I want Rachel Weisz.. T_T

The VFX is breathtaking!! Very very well-done!! A lot a lot of VFX was used on Jet Li alone, lol~ Really very well-done~ I love the mud, I love the crust, I love the blood-fire, I love the Undead, WOOHOO!!

If not for the English subtitles, I wouldn’t have understood what Jet and Michelle and Anthony and “Alex” said -_-” XD Isabella’s chinese is okay and let’s just forget the fact that “Alex” spoke chinese~ Haha~!!

Overall, one of this year’s must-watch movies! Go watch it today!! 😉

My must-watch list:

07 Aug 08 = Pathology [Peter from Heroes! OMG, such a sick film that I absolutely will love, lol..]
14 Aug 08 = My Girlfriend is a Cyborg [Have been waiting for this~]
28 Aug 08 = WALL-E [Waiting for this ever since the day I know it last year]
28 Aug 08 = Star Wars: The Clone Wars [Need to explain?!]
04 Sep 08 = Hana Yori Dango FINAL [Wait and wait and wait and FINALLY!! OMG!!]
04 Sep 08 = The Shinjuku Incident [It looks cool~ Jackie Chan and lots more interesting people!]
01 Oct 08 = Eagle Eye [Saw the trailer and totally succeeded in making me wanna watch it~]
20 Nov 08 = Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince [This is.. I have to watch it.]
11 Dec 08 = Game [It sounds very interesting~]
25 Dec 08 = Twilight [I can’t resist sexy blood-suckers called Vampires~ 😉 ♥]
14 Mar 09 = Dragonball [Wanna see how bad it’s gonna be, lol~ Okay, wanna see how they’re gonna pull it off~ But MAIN REASON is: James Marsters, coz I love Spike!!]



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