Cartoon KAT-TUN 30.07.08 Epi 69

30 07 2008

***Spoilers for those who didn’t catch it on TV just now***

Woohoo!! Anime and Manga!! DAISUKI!!!!!!!!!!! ♥

It’s also Koki’s favourite yo!! Yay! ^_^v

But on the other hand, Jin only knows One Piece and Turbo Rangers!! T_T But at least he knows that Sephiroth is from Final Fantasy, LOL~!!

But he looks great as him! Wahahaha~~~ The guest is a cute anime-manga-fan girl, Nakagawa Shoko, and she totally damage 9999 when Sephiroth-Jin recited his power, LOL~!! Me? Damage 999, hahahahaha!! XD

Guess what Koki cosplay as? Dragonball’s Krillin!! Wahaha, so cute~!

Shoko cosplay as the famous Suzumiya Haruhi~ She’s such a big fan~~~~~~~~~!! O.O

Within Nakano Broadway, there’s this place which is an absolute-must-go place for us fans!! Otaku’s HEAVEN!! It has everything we dream of having!! 200 000 manga!! This paradise is called Mandarake~ It’s got.. 4 or more levels!! HUGE HEAVEN!! XD

And to be a shopkeeper in the cosplay shop, you have to have 4 cosplay costumes and absolutely love cosplay-ing and also sing the theme songs!! And also increase your collection every month by at least 1!! OMG!! Tough job ne! XD

Watch this space coz I’ll post the screenshots soon! Haha~~ XD

EDIT 31.07.08:

Here it is~!

Next episode looks good~! Puffy and Kame will gather in Jin’s room, hoho~~~ And they’re laughing at Nakamaru, haha~



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