Cartoon KAT-TUN 30.07.08 Epi 69

30 07 2008

***Spoilers for those who didn’t catch it on TV just now***

Woohoo!! Anime and Manga!! DAISUKI!!!!!!!!!!! ♥

It’s also Koki’s favourite yo!! Yay! ^_^v

But on the other hand, Jin only knows One Piece and Turbo Rangers!! T_T But at least he knows that Sephiroth is from Final Fantasy, LOL~!!

But he looks great as him! Wahahaha~~~ The guest is a cute anime-manga-fan girl, Nakagawa Shoko, and she totally damage 9999 when Sephiroth-Jin recited his power, LOL~!! Me? Damage 999, hahahahaha!! 😄

Guess what Koki cosplay as? Dragonball’s Krillin!! Wahaha, so cute~!

Shoko cosplay as the famous Suzumiya Haruhi~ She’s such a big fan~~~~~~~~~!! O.O

Within Nakano Broadway, there’s this place which is an absolute-must-go place for us fans!! Otaku’s HEAVEN!! It has everything we dream of having!! 200 000 manga!! This paradise is called Mandarake~ It’s got.. 4 or more levels!! HUGE HEAVEN!! 😄

And to be a shopkeeper in the cosplay shop, you have to have 4 cosplay costumes and absolutely love cosplay-ing and also sing the theme songs!! And also increase your collection every month by at least 1!! OMG!! Tough job ne! 😄

Watch this space coz I’ll post the screenshots soon! Haha~~ 😄

EDIT 31.07.08:

Here it is~!

Next episode looks good~! Puffy and Kame will gather in Jin’s room, hoho~~~ And they’re laughing at Nakamaru, haha~




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