Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince NEWS

29 07 2008

I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It will most probably open here on my best friend’s birthday, 20th November!! OMG!!

To be honest, I don’t really remember the details in the 6th book, I have super bad memory, haha.. But the major parts are still clear in my head~ I think I’ll go and read the 6th book again, lol..

In the first video, Tom Felton said that he didn’t see any major cuts after reading both the book and the script, so that’s great news!!

I look forward to Ron being the Keeper! His audition part was not in the 5th film, I was so sad.. Quidditch!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great game~!

The relationship between Ron and Hermione will be very obvious in this because they’ve grown up to the point that they know how to be jealous, lol~! I look forward to seeing that parts where I’ll yell, “IDIOT RON!!” Hahahahaha~~

I don’t remember Cho in the 6th book.. Was she trying to get Harry back? I forgot.. T_T

O, and the climax and unbelievable turn at the end, omg!! I wanna see how it’s gonna play out in the big screen!! CAN’T WAIT!! XD

Sigh, I’m really late in these things.. I haven’t even finish the 7th book even though I got it on the day it was released!! *hits self against the wall* The 7th movie will be split into 2 movies, omg, can’t wait! They better not leave anything out since it’s gonna take 2 films to complete!! XD

November, quick come!! XD




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