Maou 4

25 07 2008

Nice episode~! Now we understood more things~ I have a spoiler tag system in my Nandakore blog, but this WordPress doesn’t allow customisation, so.. no spoiler tags.. Gomen ne~


— The Empress card was sent by Yamano.. I was slow in discovering that because I didn’t understand the dialogues in epi 3, haha..

— So the stupid kid went along with Yamano to lie to the police.. -_-”

— The new old man.. he knew about the case 11 years ago and has a grudge against Eisaku, Naoto’s dad.. Who is he? Why’s he snapping those photos? Is he from a newspaper publisher? What’s he’s grudge? And what does he know about Naruse? He looks like he knows his real identity!

— Was he also the one to snap photos of Kasai and Mari? So he sent the photo to Kasai? What was the conversation [I heard “photos”] between Naoto’s brother and Kasai about?

— Naruse Ryo’s real name is Tomoo [that’s what I guessed from looking at “友雄”] but he took on a new identity and entered the Naruse family, so he has a blind sister to take care of.. Because she is blind, I dunno if Tomoo impersonated Naruse Ryo or was Tomoo actually adopted into the Naruse family..

— Why did Naruse send Naoto the photos? To scare him?

— Did the old man has some secret of Naruse? Coz he seemed to be threatening Naruse over the phone..

— So we now know that there are 3 people with a grudge against Serizawa, both its senior and junior..

Don’t understand 80% of the dialogues.. Many details were lost, lol.. Sad.. I must motto motto ganbare on my Japanese!!


Can’t wait for Maou 5!! ♥




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