Ryuusei no Kizuna — Short News Clip

24 07 2008

TBS Official Release

Friday Drama “Ryuusei no Kizuna”
Starts October 2008 Fridays at 10pm~


Higashino Keigo’s new mystery novel “Ryuusei no Kizuna” will be turned into a drama with script written by Kudo Kankuro!! Starring Ninomiya Kazunari!!

3 sibilings whose parents were murdered when they were in elementary school.. Koichi, Taisuke and Shizuna.
From then onwards, the 3 of them survived with the bond between them till today.

Naoki Prize winner, Higashino Keigo’s newest literary work will be Ninomiya’s first time challenging a mystery themed drama adaptation. The totally mystery story, at the same time an excellent youth novel, will be scripted by Kudo Kankuro who had these in his portfolio: “Ikebukuro West Gate Park”, “Kisarazu Cat’s Eye”, “Wagahai wa Shufu de aru” and etc.
Ninomiya Kazunari is playing the clever eldest brother whose younger brother will be played by Nishikido Ryo and younger sister by Toda Erika and also a detective by Miura Tomokazu.

While this drama is about searching-for-the-murderer, it is also, at the same time, a drama that portrays the difficult process of growing up the 3 siblings went through, furthermore, it is also a love story between the non-blood-related siblings.
Cheerful and interesting, yet a bit sad and scary, “Ryuusei no Kizuna” will start this autumn October on Fridays.


Ninomiya Kazunari
Even though it is a drama in a long time, I will not be hasty and will work hard at building the bond between the siblings like real siblings and make it a drama such that it will not only have a great impact on audience’s logic but also their basic instincts.

Nishikido Ryo
Relying on an experienced and kind older brother, I will work hard on portraying his younger brother.

Toda Erika
I’ve liked the original novel and I am really happy that I was invited to join in the production of its drama. Also, I am really looking forward to reading Mr. Kudo Kankuro’s script.

Miura Tomokazu
I am a fan of Higashino’s works. Always, it’s like reading an interesting script. “Ryuusei no Kizuna” is also such a novel that makes images float in my mind like a movie. I’ve also seen Mr. Kudo’s movie and television works. He is like the saviour of entertainment! Being touched, to Miura Tomokazu, judging on winning a talent that is not evergreen, suspicion and the feeling of “wakuwaku” and……?!

◆「Ryuusei no Kizuna」
3 young siblings were watching shooting stars while their parents were horribly murdered in their house. 14 years later, the 3 of them became swindlers. Eldest brother, Koichi (Ninomiya) is the planner. Younger brother, Taisuke (Nishikido) acts as a banker or a jewellery appraiser, while youngest sister, Shizuna (Toda) uses seduction. Koichi’s next target is a western food chain and Shizuna is to get close to the manager. Meanwhile, Taisuke recognises him as the man from 14 years ago. For the revenge plan, Shizuna has to get him to fall in love.

The first article is the official thing from TBS! It’s indeed “Meteor Bond” as that’s what the html was saved as~ XD I merely translated it from a language I know because somebody else translated it already, heehee, so, no mistakes there~ Just that, Miura talked too much and nobody is interested in him, so she didn’t translate what he said, so I just tried my best to translate.. XD But I totally have no idea what that last sentence was about, so I simply wrote what I saw, lol~! Forgive me!

I really really loosely translated the 2nd newspaper, lol.. So I dunno if I’m correct, most probably 10% not, lol~! Gomen ne!!

Also, from DramaWiki and the TBS official release, we [who didn’t read the original novel] get to know that while Nino and Ryo are brothers by blood, Erika is not their real sister, so let’s look forward to their love triangle! Wahaha~~ XD

Can’t wait, can’t wait!! O no, the anticipation is so high again!! After the failure of Last Friends, it kinda leaves a dark shadow around whenever you have high expectations and anticipation for a new dorama series.. ne? Scared that it would disappoint you, lol..

O well, I don’t think that this will fail, because it was based on the novel, they can’t change much of it! And they don’t need to change much in order to get viewership ratings, because Nino is the lead~ Plus Ryo and Erika, they’re all magnets that attract large amount of viewers~ I’m one of the little nails that gets attracted by them, lol~ XD

Can’t wait, can’t wait!! So happy, so excited!! XD Ryo ganbatte!!




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