Cartoon KAT-TUN 23.07.08 Epi 68

23 07 2008

***Spoilers for those who didn’t catch it on TV just now***

Awwww, poor Nakamaru!! He was really scared ne.. I knew from the start he won’t jump and that Kame would, because he’s kind like that~ But what I thought was, he would volunteer to exchange, but it wasn’t like that, lol~ But then, when they said change, he changed and jumped without hesitation~ He said that if he hesitated, it would be more difficult to jump. I thought so too~

Ah~ I’ve never attempted Bungee Jump before.. Is it that people of any size can try it? I have mild asthma, does it matter? Haha~~

I like KAT-TUN more and more~~~~~ ♥

How do you take screenshots like these? Teach me!! XD



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