Ryo’s Eito Ranger Jweb 17.7.08

22 07 2008

∞(エイト)レンジャー 锦户亮
15.7.08 1416h

Boku no suki mono____________________The things that I like
Yakisoba____________________________Fried noddles
Oolong cha__________________________Oolong Tea
カン○リロック KAN○RIROKKU_______________Campari Rock
Tonshabu____________________________Pork steamboat
Sukiyaki_____________________________Beef steamboat
Kateiryouri___________________________Homemade cooking
Saito-san____________________________Mr. Saito Kazuyoshi
CHIRIPEPPAAZU_______________________Red Hot Chilli Peppers
Ueda Masaki-san______________________Mr. Ueda Masaki
Alicia keys____________________________Alicia Keys
KAATO·KOBAAN________________________Kurt Cobain
ANSONII·HOPUKINSU____________________Anthony Hopkins
DENZERU·WASHINTON___________________Denzel Washington
BURAPI________________________________Brad Pitt
オーリー OURII__________________________OLLIE/Robert Horry
C RONAUDO____________________________Cristiano Ronaldo
梅雨 Umeame_____________________A unique East Asian rainy season in early summer
Ippai arimasu.___________________________I have a lot.
Mada mada arimasu.______________________I still have a lot.
Tada no houkoku deshita.__________________Only wanted to report.

I know, I’m missing the 10.7.08 entry..!! T_T Sad..

Anyway, I’m finally seeing Ryo’s new entry.. of last week.. haha~

I like a lot of what he likes as well! XD Like,

Ramen = Yummy!
Homemade cooking = My mum’s though XD
Timbaland = Love the song “Apologize”~!
Alicia Keys = Her songs are so nice, especially “Fallin'”, “Karma”, etc~
Spring = I was born in March~ ^_^v It’s the best season! XD
Summer = I favour hot over cold, I can’t stand coldness, in every sense of the word~
Autumn = I wish to see orange maple leaves in real life!
Sea = I love the sea, the sun, the sand, the beach! ♥

Yes, not a lot.. XD And yes, I don’t like Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom, haha~ I don’t find them handsome, don’t hit me! XD

Not sure whether カン○リロック KAN○RIROKKU is really Campari Rock~ XD But it’s an alcoholic drink~ Naughty naughty~ I wanna try it! XD

As for オーリー OURII.. OLLIE is skateboard-related.. Robert Horry is from NBA.. So.. I dunno which one he’s referring to, or maybe it’s none of these.. -_-” XD

Now looking forward to the 24.7.08 entry~ XD



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