Ryo’s Eito Ranger Jweb 3.7.08

8 07 2008

∞(エイト)レンジャー 锦户亮
1.7.08 1756h

Ima Shinkansen desu. Boku no migi te no hou de shikaku kiri torareta keshiki ga nagareteimasu. Taiyou ga kumo ni kakureteimasu. TONNERU ni hairimashita. MANAAMOUDO no shinai occhan ga boku no futatsu mae no seki de shabettemasu. Yamete hoshii kedo… ongaku wo kikimasu. Shin Yokohama ni 着kimashita. Biru ga sawayama sobie


Mou sugu Nagoya.


On the Shinkansen now. The scenery flowing by is framed by the rectangular window on my right hand side. The sun is hidden by the cloud. Entered the tunnel. An uncle sitting two rows in front of me, whose phone is not on silent mode, is talking on his phone. I wanted him to stop but.. I decided to listen to music. Reached Shin Yokohama. Buildings are tall and many

Fell asleep

Reaching Nagoya soon.


Awwww~ Finally a slightly longer post from Ryo, yay!! And finally, no more advertising for LF!! ^_^

It’s fun to see how he describe what he sees~ Makes one feel closer coz you can imagine the scene, as he sees it, in your head~ ♥

His writing is nice too~ His original words for the scenery part are quite hard to translate into english and he didn’t mention the word “window”.. So I only translated the meaning, haha~

As for “着kimashita”……….. 着 is kiru, but.. there’s the extra “ki” after 着.. so I dunno how to romanise that~ Lol.. XD I’m still bad at Japanese!!

He must have been really tired, coz he slept for 8 stations!

According to the map, he should be on his way home~~~ Home Sweet Home ne! ♥

Looking forward to his entry for this week~~~

Love ya, Ryo~ ♥




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