Ryo’s Eito Ranger Jweb 19.6.08

20 06 2008

∞(エイト)レンジャー 锦户亮
17.6.08 2102h

Tomodachi ga biiru wo nonde masu.
Boku wa kuruma na node nomimasen.
SHIITOBERUTO wo shikkari shimete, Osaka no michi wo hashirimasu.

Minasan mo jibun no michi wo anzen ni toki ni daitan ayumi mashou

My friends are drinking beer.
I’m driving, so I’m not drinking.
Seat belt buckled up properly, dashing on the roads in Osaka.

Everyone, too, dash on your own path daringly when it’s safe

Woke up super early today! [Considering I slept at 4+am this morning, lol~]

And saw this entry already being posted, so I have to get it out fast fast too! ^_^

Ryo’s entries can be made into Japanese textbooks, lol~ Really useful! XD

He’s really sensible ne~ Drink don’t drive, drive don’t drink!! ♥

So glad he’s not working his ass out but properly resting~! ^_^ Yokatta ne~

By the way, the viewership of last night’s final episode of Last Friend, 22-2309h, is 22.8%.. -_-” It’s already not bad, coz it’s over 20% but it’s not higher than the “particular scene sequence” in the previous episode. Argh, what’s gonna be in the SP? Don’t tell me that they’re gonna cut a lot of footages from the drama and then add in only a few new clips?? -_-”

I’m gonna miss him for the coming 4 days, lol.. Because I’ll be flying off to Bangkok with my 3 other friends! And well, I haven’t pack!! LOL~~~!! XD

Take care lots~! ♥




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