About Last Friends Viewership and SP

20 06 2008


 最終回直前となった先週12日(木)の第10回目の放送が、ビデオリサーチの調べで視聴率20.7%を記録(関東地区 世帯視聴率)、終盤に向けて注目度が高まり続けるフジテレビ系ドラマ『ラスト・フレンズ』。19日(木)放送の最終回は22.8%を記録したことが、分かった。




Here’s my irresponsible translation:

“Last Friends” Final Episode 22.8%, its SP will be Broadcasted Next Week

Last Thursday, 12th, was the broadcast of the 2nd last episode and the Video Research reported a 20.7% viewership ratings in the Kanto region, making for the continuation of anticipation for the final episode of “Last Friends” on Fuji TV. The final episode aired on the 19th reportedly achieved a 22.8% viewership rating.

Domestic Violence, gender identity disorder and sex phobia, the frustration and problems were portrayed realistically by popular actors and actresses with serious acting skills. The suicide of Oikawa Sousuke, played by Nishikido Ryo, marked a 20.7% viewership rating, raising the anticipation for the finale that was going to air on the 19th.

The first episode started with a 13.9% viewership rating. The recap of these controversial topics will once again have Nagasawa Masami, Ueno Juri, Eita and Nishikido Ryo whose serious acting skills will definitely raise the viewership ratings.

Next week, we will see the broadcast of the Special, titled, “Once More of Last Friends”.

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