Last Friends [Last Episode]

19 06 2008

Just finished watching Last Friends finale, episode 11~ Next week, there will be a Special. So fast ne? Usually SP will be aired a few months after the drama ended. -_-” That scriptwriter woman really couldn’t wrap things up in 11 episodes as planned right from the beginning. -_-“”””””””

Spoilers ahead.

Well, I only understood like, 50% of the dialogue, but the gist of it is pretty clear. While watching, it’s easily predictable, what will happen next. Like, we guessed that Michiru’s plate will definitely break and that if Ruka doesn’t need to go hospital, they can never “accidentally bump into” Michiru, because Michiru definitely has to go hospital on a regular basis.

But there are times when I guessed wrongly: I thought Michiru died after giving birth [because of the way the nurses were rushing around -_-“] and then Takeru and Ruka will look after the baby from then on and live happily ever after. LOL~~~

Questions unanswered:

What’s the deal with Takeru and his sister and parents? He did talk about them.. But is that how the scriptwriter decided to end Takeru’s story?! Just like that?? By talking?! And when he’s talking, there wasn’t any flashback clips! Incredible. -_-” And what’s best? He never finished talking about what his sister did to him. WTF?! -_-“”””””””””

So it’s up to our imaginations what his sister did to him that caused him the development of sex phobia -_-” Yeah.

Takeru took so damn long to realise that they should look for Michiru? So, suddenly, one day, he went to borrow a bike from Ruka’s senpai and then up and go look for Michiru. What was he doing the past 6, 7, 8 or 9 months?? I mean, I understood that Ruka feels that there’s no more need to go look for her love, because she didn’t reciprocate her love, but Takeru?? -_-”

Where’s Michiru’s mum? She suddenly appeared in Michiru’s room and then now? Suddenly disappeared.

So we know that the bully senpai is also DV-ed by her boyfriend. But, so?? She looked as if she knows that Michiru is being DV-ed as well. No, she looked scared that other people will find out that she is being DV-ed, because she said something about how nice life is “since you’re living with a man” to Michiru. But yeah, so??????? Is there a point in showing us that the senpai is being DV-ed? And what’s the point of letting Eri know that? She doesn’t know the girl. O, is it to tell the audience and Eri that, DV is really common..?? -_-” The writer loves to leave open ends hanging.

Funny/weird/angry things:

1. The characters can’t die from simple things like car or TRAIN accidents. They can only die if they purposely want to die. Please see Specimen 1, Ruka and Specimen 2, Sousuke respectively. *rofl*

2. When something breaks, somebody’s gonna get hurt. See Example 1, broken lamp twice, injuries happened at the same corner, Example 2, broken purple mug handle and Example 3, broken restaurant plate.

3. It’s a torture to see “Michiru” act. Throughout the drama. Is that sadness? Is that how she show how touched she was? Is that a surprised look? Is that how gently people scream when giving birth? Gosh. That’s it. She wasn’t such a torture to watch in Proposal Daisakusen, you know.. Sigh..

4. Aida Rumi, that’s the baby’s name. WTF? Michiru’s surname + Ruka’s Ru, Takeru’s Ru + Michiru’s Mi [WTF, she also has a “ru” -_-“] So the baby came from nowhere but from Michiru’s body only?! Huh huh?! Grrrrrrr..

5. Ru, ru, ru, wazzup with that in all the 3 names?! No, 4 names. Tsk. -_-”


Bad ending, lol. Only Ogurin and Eri is “happily ever after”. Maybe the 3P can get “happily ever after” too, but.. -_-” Let’s pray for the baby to grow up healthily mentally.

The whole show deviated from its original theme or intent. Because she [scriptwriter] wants high ratings, she deviated to focus more on Sousuke-Michiru-DV and neglected Ruka’s lesbian love and Takeru’s sex phobia and Eri’s loneliness and Ogurin’s indecisiveness. She was digging so many holes at the same time.

She could’ve let Sousuke died trying to save the little kid from being hit by the train. So at least it shows that Sousuke is not all bad and that everyone at the sharehouse can have a peace of mind. Then develop the complicated triangle of Michiru-Takeru-Ruka. At the same time, let Ogurin have a not-too-long-not-too-short period of divorcing his wife and show us whether he did it or not [coz how could he marry Eri without first doing that?! -_-“]. Meanwhile, Eri goes out with other guys while she waits for the indecisive Ogurin to divorce his wife [so as to show the desperation of loneliness].

LOL, is that better or worse? I dunno~~ *whistles*

Well, enjoy the following 4914px-long compilation. I missed a few shots: 1. Ruka and Takeru eating in a shop, 2. Ruka and Takeru sleeping inside the tent, 3. Takeru holding the baby after Ruka’s turn and some other minor shots.

Screenshots compiled by me, taken by super helpful girls



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