Last Friends 9

5 06 2008

One of the most ridiculous episode of a drama I’ve ever seen -_-”

Like, even though I don’t understand 80% of all the dialogues, I understood the story.

Why did Ruka go?? Why why why???? So dangerous!! I knew bad things are gonna happen!! And really. Argh!

Spoilers ahead.

The 4 times that Sousuke appeared is enough for the whole show’s summary -_-”

Sousuke was stalking Michiru outside the sharehouse since he escaped from the hospital.

Michiru was shaken by Sousuke and blurted out that she already has someone new to like.

Naturally, Sousuke went to beat up Takeru. Severe consequence for Takeru.. Poor Takeru.. He doesn’t even like Michiru and he has to get beaten up! What’s more, how could he, someone taller than Sousuke by a lot, not crippled, be defeated by an escaped patient?! ILLOGICAL!! What’s the whoever thinking?! That 浅野妙子………. ARGH!! Every Ryo fan wanna strangle her.

Then, I dunno why, he called Ruka and she went to his house. WHY?! What the……. -_-” It’s not like she doesn’t know that he’s someone extremely dangerous, right?! It’s also super illogical that Sousuke healed so damn quickly, like, he escaped from the hospital, remember?!

We really wanna strangle 浅野妙子 badly.

The end of this episode was also made for the viewership ratings for the next episode, I think!! Argh!! Keep using Sousuke to spike it, argh!!

And there is also a “SP” on the week after the finale episode.

12 June: Episode 10
19 June: Finale with 15 minutes extra
26 June: SP with 30 minutes extra

3 more episodes to torture us! T_T Really wonder how bad the ending is gonna be! Is it gonna be as lame as this episode? Hope not!! She better give a proper explanation for all the questions which arose from the drama!





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