Ryo’s Eito Ranger Jweb 29.5.08

29 05 2008

∞(エイト)レンジャー 锦户亮
27.5.08 2102h

XXX de dorama no satsu ei wo shite imasu
Fumikiri uchi ni tobi Xn Sousuke
Aa dou narun deshou..

Filming drama at XXX
Sousuke is dashing towards the crossroads
Ahh, what would become of it..

I really dunno how to read the 3 words.. T_T And there’s another X after “tobi”.. I dunno how to read 込ん!! Can’t even find it in the IME Pad too! According to it, 込 can only be used with “mi” or “mu”.. not “n”.. is it?

Just watched Last Friends 8 on Fuji channel.. Argh.. Like, is there a need for Sousuke’s character to be still alive?! T_T Just let him die because of saving the kid then ok liao ma!! T_T It’s painful to watch him act this role.. Not much scenes, and those few scenes always make him seem like an evil ghost.. T_T

But as long as he is happy filming it, then I’m ok too, of course, lol~ See, he still mentions Last Friends in his entry, so I must watch it~ ^_^

Whenever I see his photos, or his face pop up in my head, no matter what bad things happened a moment before, all will be fine and return to a peaceful state and I won’t be sad anymore~

He has such a great impact on me~ His smile can cure me~

I love you, Ryo. Truly, madly, deeply. ♥ XD



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