I have Unofficially officially *u**-**d

15 05 2008

Today is the day that I plucked up my courage to chase after my dream, I took a baby step towards it and I’m proud of myself [even though I’m 2 years late XD]. O well, I’ll continue to chase after my dream and achieve it within this and next month. KANARAZU!

Today is the day I end my misery, please congratulate me. I could tolerate it no more and the volcano within me exploded. No, I didn’t literally explode and start scolding people nor did I get into any fights. LOL~

Today is a day full of KAT-TUN love, gomen ne NEWS!! I really like KAT-TUN songs because I really like faster, a bit more rock than pop, kinda songs. NEWS’ songs are too cute, but I love them too. ♥

Don’t U Ever Stop is really really really good and it’s on repeat mode in my w710i, along with Keep the Faith, Yorokobi no Uta, Jin’s sexy LOVEJUICE~ XD Jin’s too hawt~

And of course, SUMMER TIME and LIAR too~ It’s great that NEWS attempted this song!! I really really love it~ ♥

Ja mata ne~!



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