About the previous post..

12 05 2008


Well, it seems that no one is interested in reading it, haha!! But heck, I’ll continue writing it~ When I have more than 50% of my story written I’ll post it somewhere else [don’t go looking], and here but password-protected as well. XD

Anyway, my WRT45G can finally be of use!! Recently, the mio people, whatever, came and gave us a new modem! LOL XD It’s the same thing as the one we received when we first signed up, but it’s a lousy one and they refused to exchange it, so we used the old SpeedStream and have been running on 2.8mbps for a very long time, like 1++ year. Our plan is.. the.. 30mbps? or.. WHATEVER, I don’t remember, haha..

So, since the modem is working [at 100mbps as well!!], I thought, hey, maybe now I can make use of my router! It was bought one year ago!! And guess what.. Everything worked!! YAY!! Wow, for the first time, something worked smoothly, haha.. But……………………

But.. when I tried to enable WEP or WPA in the setup page, it always jumps back to “Disable”.. I have no idea why??!! Just because the router rested for one year and it became like that? NO WAY, lol~ Does it have something to do with this lousy computer? [Don’t buy ACER]

And I’ll be buying a new desktop for myself soon! [Of course it’s a personalised one from Sim Lim SQ XD] I can’t wait!! So I’ll need to set up the wireless thingy.. but with no WEP or WPA, I’m in a bad situation ne?? People can just scan and then use my internet!! How how how?? T_T Help me please!!

Plus, I thought the mio machine can be plugged to the router and make it work as well.. Looks like.. BIG FAT NO. The tv only displays the flying mio tv logo against the redish purple background and keeps asking us to press the OK button.. Press liao nothing happened.. -_-” Dunno why, and I don’t really understand the mio tv yet.. Didn’t bother to.. XD

Well, that’s it for my random rant.. Ja mata ne~




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