10 05 2008

People say that there are no reason when you love someone, but I can find many many reasons if I want to. XD Here goes, don’t dismiss me as a crazy person!:

I love Nishikido Ryo because..

01. I feel shy just by typing his full name.
02. he did not poke any holes on his earlobes.
03. he is the one who pushed Nicholas Tse down in my heart’s ranking.
04. he is the first idol that I was able to really love.
05. he and I, is a match made in heaven. [horoscope, zodiac, age, height, education, many many more XD]
06. he has a poisonous tongue yet he also possesses a gentle heart.
07. he is shy despite his status and job.
08. he has eyes that suck me in so deeply, I get lost in them.
09. he is talented in all the fields of arts, like drawing, singing, dancing, playing the guitar, acting, writing, etc.
10. he hates to lose, just like how I am.
11. he does his best in everything he undertakes.
12. he sings bubbly songs even though he really likes rock songs more.
13. he is talented in learning languages.
14. he is able to make me think of him every minute every second of the day.
15. he has this wonderful smile that can cure any heartache.
16. he likes to form the victory sign.
17. he likes to poke his cheeks with his index fingers.
18. he can show all those in front of the cameras. Most guys wouldn’t do that.
19. he is not “most guys”.
20. he is proud of himself.
21. he can make a pair of ugly black rim glasses look good on him.
22. he can look good even in the Yellow Eito Ranger suit.
23. he is cute and sexy at the same time.
24. he is hot and cool at the same time.
25. his dark and bright sides are on extremes.
26. he gets jealous easily.
27. he will do anything for the girl he loves.
28. he reads a lot.
29. he goes to great length to prove himself.
30. he likes the colour green but is not the Green Eito Ranger.
31. he cries easily, just like me.
32. he can cook.
33. he doesn’t mind doing household chores.
34. he is philosophical.
35. we like mayonnaise very much.
36. we can eat with chopsticks with either hands.
37. we go by our intuition.
38. he is able to make me want to work harder at becoming perfect.
39. I saw the PV for Taiyou no Namida and I can’t stop loving him ever since.
40. he is able to make me go crazy.
41. we like to stay at home.
42. he is so cute when he is shy. He will cover one of his eyes, or cover his whole face.
43. he cried when he was writing about his pet dog, Chibi’s death in his Jweb.
44. he cried during his sister’s wedding and threatened the groom if he dares to bully her.
45. he will apologise after realising his mistakes.
46. he is loyal and have ever said that the day he leaves Kanjani8 is the day he leaves the entertainment scene.
47. he doesn’t mind being called “Ryo-chan” and he even calls himself “Ryo-chan” as well.
48. he touches my heart when I listen to him sing First Love and Love Me Tender
49. he is perfect.
50. he is Nishikido Ryo.

I have so many more reasons, but it’s getting late, 4:20am. I have to be healthy. For Ryo’s sake. ♥~



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