Ryo’s Eito Ranger Jweb 8.5.08

9 05 2008

∞(エイト)レンジャー 锦户亮
7.5.08 1601h

Ryou-chan dayo.
Minasan ika ga osugoshi desuka?
Boku wa ima kara LIVE wo sugu ni ikimasu.
Secchan irai no hisashiburi no LIVE desu.
Maa- Kino made Osaka de mizukara yattetan desu kedo
Tanoshimi desu.

It’s Ryo-chan yo.
How’s everyone doing?
I’m going to attend a live performance soon.
*Secchan’s long-awaited live performance.
Well, until yesterday, we were having live performance in Osaka
Looking forward to it.


*Secchan refers to Saito Kazuyoshi.

I wonder if that’s the musical note he used.. It was not shown at either of my sources.. Let’s hope that it is~ Hehe! ♥~

Yay, finally I get to see his post! XD The code stated a Wednesday again.. Did Ryo really change to blog on Wednesday instead, or did the translators make a mistake? I have no way of knowing.. T_T

Once again, thankz to the nice girls over at the forum~ I’m a 2nd-hand translator again.. The day I understand Japanese, the first thing I’ll do is to comb my Ryo picture folder for all the magazine scans and read them!! XD

Anyway, I’m so glad that Ryo has a day off finally! And that K8’s concert ended on the 6th! Take care ne, Ryo~ Make up for all the lost rest during this period!! His workload is always so much, what with Kanjani8, NEWS, drama, plus the sides like going on radio shows, magazine interviews, Janiben and many other shows.. Poor Ryo~ T_T

Ah! Almost forgot to report!! My SUMMER TIME and WAHAHA arrived today!!!!!!!!!!!! XD They were wrapped with triple bubble package! Arigatou ne!!

I can’t bear to open the plastic wrapping! XD Precious precious!! Limited edition!! LOL.. I guess I’ll have to post their pictures in another post, another time, because I’m so tired now, that I feel like a zombie!!

Ja mata ne!! Oyasuminasai!! ☽




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