NEWS – SUMMER TIME!! + Last Friends 5!!

8 05 2008

IS RELEASED TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

OMG!! Now then I realise the date! How slow can I get?! Shinjirarenai~

I’m still waiting for the albums to arrive in my mailbox~ I’ve been diligently opening the letterbox lately!! XD But well, no NEWS.. o.O XD

I can’t wait~~~~~~~~~~

Anyway, Thursday is currently the best day out of the whole week for me!!

6:54pm, TBS channel, UTABAN will air! And today, NEWS is gonna appear on it!! So I’ll have to chiong back home to watch it!! YES!!

9pm, Fuji channel, LAST FRIENDS will air!! Today, it’s the 5th episode, omg!! It’s the episode!! It’s the episode I want so much to come yet so much to not come!! Because.. because.. ahhhhh!! T_T

Thursday is also the day that Ryo blogs! But I’ll usually only get to see it a few days later, it’s agony.. T_T.. I wonder has he blog-ed, or will he blog later..? Usually he blogs at 1400h.. .. .. .. .. XD

Ah!! Ganbarimasu in my work and chiong home at 6pm sharp! YOSH!!

0225h Update:

I rushed home after work! Never been so desperate to get home before, haha.. XD [Still dare to say?!] I opened the letterbox and nope, no SUMMER TIME or WAHAHA.. T_T

UTABAN was disappointing, lol~ It was such a short segment! They didn’t properly interview them! Hello, today is the release!! T_T It’s not LIVE, I think.. Anyway, NEWS was required to bring one treasure each. Ryo brought a bottle of wine [or something], I think it’s made in 3rd Nov 1985. Even though it was exactly one year later than him, he treasures it very much~ Next, Massu brought a very very old baseball with a faded signature on it. Tego brought his stamp album and I was quite surprised that a guy his age collected stamps since young! I mean, 1987 babies? I thought only people older than me did that.. Sorry for stereotyping, haha.. Anyway, it’s YamaP’s turn. He brought a pair of old track [or something] shoes and a newer-than-Massu’s baseball which is inside a glass box which also has a signature. The “judges” then give a price to the items. Ryo’s wine got Yen150000, Massu’s baseball got Yen800, Tego’s stamp album got Yen15000 and YamaP’s shoes and baseball got Yen700000! [I hope I remember correctly XD] Anyway, then it’s NEWS singing SUMMER TIME!! Eh?? What about Koyama and Shige?? -_-”

Switched channel right after the show, to Fuji channel~ MatsuJun and a girl was on this show, but I dunno what it’s about. Besides, I had to use this time to finish my dinner!!

Yes! 9pm!! Last Friends 5 came on air, omg! Excited! As I only understand simple sentences and phrases and words and etc, I can’t translate word for word for my youngest sister, who watched it with me. Nevertheless, we understood the episode.

The main points for this episode are [I don’t really remember the sequence]:

– Sousuke fell sick after getting drenched from one night of rain.. [T_T] He promised that he won’t repeat his mistake, tried to make Michiru stay

– Michiru took care of him and went to her workplace to beg for her job back

– She went back to the share house and told them that she wants to live with them, Eri gave her the key

– Ruka asked Takeru for a favour, to help her bring Michiru to her house after her work. Michiru stayed over but Takeru went back to the share house.

– Meanwhile, Ogurin and Eri was in a cab. He decided to go back home and discuss the divorce with his wife. Later, Ogurin told Eri to go home first.

– Takeru reached home and saw Eri drinking alone. She spilt onto herself and he helped her clean up. She kissed him. He pushed her away and washed his mouth throughly. He apologised that it was not her fault, she asked if he was really.. He nodded. [Sigh, were they even thinking about the same thing?! Why did he nod?! -_-“]

– Michiru used lunch hour to call Sousuke’s office, his colleague said he’s absent for one week now. She bought some food to his place and found it pitch black. He was resting on his bed. She said his fever has subsided but he’s become thinner. He said that without Michiru, he has no appetite. She said that it’s bad and she’ll go and make something. She returned to feed him some porridge. He said that if being sick can make Michiru stay with him, he won’t mind being sick forever. She said she’s going back now. He said he won’t let her go. He hugged her and she escaped and said she’s going back now. She said something that made him angry, something about breaking promises. He said she was the one who can’t keep promises. He got angry and threw the bowl of porridge, grabbed her and threw her onto the bed. And……. [Actually, there’s nothing to see here.. No flesh and not much struggling, lol.. So it makes one wonder about the unborn baby again.. -_-“]

– Back in the share house, Michiru pretended nothing happened, but Takeru saw the bruises. Ruka wanted Michiru to throw away her handphone because it made everyone jumpy when it rings. When Michiru really wanted to throw it away, Ruka stopped her, saying that if Michiru really did that, it makes her no difference from Sousuke. She stormed out of the house in frustration.

– Ruka went to see a doctor. She said she has always hated the fact that she’s a girl. Towards guys, she only has friendship and no love. She also hates her chest. She wore shorts while other girls wore skirts in school.

– Ruka was back in a race and she won first place!

– In the middle of it, Michiru’s phone rang. She tried to ignore it but she didn’t set it to silent mode right in the beginning of the day -_-” So she finally gave in. It was Sousuke. He said he wants to see her now and that he’s feeling unwell. She said that she can’t and that this is an important race for Ruka. He asked has she chosen her over him. She said she won’t give in to his selfish desires. He said that she will regret it if she doesn’t come. She said sorry, later and hung up the phone to return to watching Ruka’s race.

– They went to the bar that Takeru works in to celebrate Ruka’s win. Michiru called Sousuke to apologise and that she will be there soon. But he said that it’s ok if she doesn’t come because he has decided to die. Right now. Good bye. And he hung up the phone. Michiru ran out of the bar and was stopped by Ruka. She asked where Michiru is going. She lied. Ruka told her that she knows everything and that she wish for her to be stronger. Michiru said that unlike Ruka, who is loved by her family and is strong and capable, she is weak, just like Sousuke so she wants to be by Sousuke’s side now. She ran off. Takeru tried to console Ruka but she fiercely told him to not touch her. He was shocked.

That’s all, I hope I didn’t leave anything out XD

Ah, I also saw Ryo’s blog post of today in NBJ forum! BUT! I can’t read it! Because I’m not a member of the forum and what’s even better is that it doesn’t allow for registration! OMG!! You let me see the link, but don’t let me read it, it’s super agonising!!!!!!! T_T

Shit, it’s 3+am now! T_T



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