yoZz!! First Post!!

3 05 2008

yoZz minnasan!!

This is my first post here! I’ve known about WordPress for a long time now, but I never thought to open a blog here, reason being I already have a blog over in Blogspot since Sep 2003. I’m rather loyal ne? 😄

Why I’m opening a WordPress blog now? Because I saw that many people are able to use the Tags function. I know that Blogger has a new type of blog but it also means less control over the design of my blog interface. I’m a web designer, you see.. So I stuck to the old type of Blogspot layout. Maximum control with super little fuss, I like~ 😄

You can visit my blog here: http://nandakore.blogspot.com
Also, you can visit my super-long-not-updated portfolio here: http://www.haruport.co.nr

I’ll use that as a blog for my mundane daily life since I’m gonna move my posts relating to Ryo, NEWS and Kanjani8 and etc here. 😄 I’ll also have to do something about my neglected portfolio.. x.X

So yes, my blog URL name 😄 Well, HaruLoku [or simply Haru] is my nickname online since 2006 for registering in Anime Capsule forum. “Haru” was derived from the fact that I was born in “Spring” [Singapore has no Spring though XD] and “Loku” was derived from my own name.

JFandom is obviously indicating that I’m a fan of Japan-related stuff, like anime, manga, music, drama, culture, the place itself, food, etc~

Today, I have 2 places to go to, yet I started the day feeling incredibly lazy.. 😄

1st place: Stacey semi-finals at SMU!! 加油!!
2nd place: Meeting my bestest friend, Ma, at Serangoon Central.. for.. something and also dinner~ 😉

So yeah, I dunno what more to write here~

Mata ne!




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