yoZz!! First Post!!

3 05 2008

yoZz minnasan!!

This is my first post here! I’ve known about WordPress for a long time now, but I never thought to open a blog here, reason being I already have a blog over in Blogspot since Sep 2003. I’m rather loyal ne? XD

Why I’m opening a WordPress blog now? Because I saw that many people are able to use the Tags function. I know that Blogger has a new type of blog but it also means less control over the design of my blog interface. I’m a web designer, you see.. So I stuck to the old type of Blogspot layout. Maximum control with super little fuss, I like~ XD

You can visit my blog here: http://nandakore.blogspot.com
Also, you can visit my super-long-not-updated portfolio here: http://www.haruport.co.nr

I’ll use that as a blog for my mundane daily life since I’m gonna move my posts relating to Ryo, NEWS and Kanjani8 and etc here. XD I’ll also have to do something about my neglected portfolio.. x.X

So yes, my blog URL name XD Well, HaruLoku [or simply Haru] is my nickname online since 2006 for registering in Anime Capsule forum. “Haru” was derived from the fact that I was born in “Spring” [Singapore has no Spring though XD] and “Loku” was derived from my own name.

JFandom is obviously indicating that I’m a fan of Japan-related stuff, like anime, manga, music, drama, culture, the place itself, food, etc~

Today, I have 2 places to go to, yet I started the day feeling incredibly lazy.. XD

1st place: Stacey semi-finals at SMU!! 加油!!
2nd place: Meeting my bestest friend, Ma, at Serangoon Central.. for.. something and also dinner~ 😉

So yeah, I dunno what more to write here~

Mata ne!



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